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that could lead to the firing of undocumented employees. >>> san francisco's first target store is set to open wednesday at 4th and mission in san francisco. it will be 2/3 the size of other stores and offer smaller items. target also plans to open a second store in san francisco in 2013. >>> jerry hill is crying foul over a move by the public utilities commission to temporarily suspend hearing into the san bruno pipeline explosion. they filed a request for a month long halt to allow talks to get underway. he says a judge held a hearing this morning and decided on a week long postponement. he suggested pg&e is behind the request to try to chemodamaging testimony -- to keep damaging testimony out. >>> a report says doing business with two chinese equipment makers could pose a security threat to the united states. the report says that they have ties to the chinese government that has been suspected of fostering cyber security breaches in the united states. they employ 400 people. >>> if you are planning to fill up you might want to hold off till tomorrow. the over night change that could
. salvatore cordileone is now the 9th archbishop of san francisco. the mass was invitation only and attended by thousands. >> very sacred. >> beautiful. i am excited about him being our archbishop. >>> the archbishop's appointment doesn't come without controversy. the question is, will he reach out? salvatore cordileone has a reputation as a strong defender of home sexuality. >> this is triggering anxiety. >> reporter: he says the appointment of salvatore cordileone to san francisco could signal pope benedict xvi is interested in a smaller purer church. >> maybe the church is signaling not so much interest in holding on to people that are already struggling with the teachings but a willingness to let them go. >> reporter: catholics say they believe the archbishop will reach out to liberal catholics who welcome the gay community. >> i know that is probably on his list. >> reporter: the new archbishop did not address the media but he said he looks forward to reaching out to all 91 perishes. home to liberal and conservative catholics. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco's new ar
say they'll review the issue again in about 90 days. >> the san francisco giants are now in detroit getting ready for game three of the world series tomorrow. david stevenson is live with the effort being made to make sure fans can gather together to cheer on their team. >> reporter: even though the team left at&t park this morning, plans are underway to publicly broadcast the giants away games. with two world series game wins under their belt the san francisco giants packed up their gear at at&t park and hit the road for detroit. >> we're excited. believe me. we're heading to detroit. have a light workout and relax tonight. just get set to go the first game there. we like where we're at. we know we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: the city of san francisco has work ahead. the mayor's office wants to sell vise some of the away games on civic center plaza. >> it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: as many as 7000 people gathered here in 2010 to watch on a giant screen tv as the giants clinched the world series title in texas. >> we have put a request in to major league baseball. we do
to the san francisco business times. this comes just months after the same fremont facility laid off 80 workers in august and 107 employees in 2009. >>> a new labor department report shows the nation's jobless rate fell below 8% for the first time in almost four years. the rate dropped in september from 8.1 to 7.8%. 114,000 jobs were added last month. this is the lowest jobless rate since january of 2009. also out today, new adjusted figures that show 86,000 more jobs were created in july and august than initially estimated. >>> 1 million people are expected to swarm into san francisco this weekend. here's a look at some of the big things going on. let's start with the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. the blue angels draw huge crowds to the waterfront, where the america's cup is also going o the san francisco giants and the 49ers are both playing this weekend and there are several street festivals, such as the italian heritage and the castro street fair, both on sunday. we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's allie rasmus is live in san francisco with the trouble crowds will face
is live in san francisco where people lined up for public comment on the ethics case against the suspended sheriff. david. >> reporter: it's happening now in city hall up on the second floor. if ross is removed his lawyers promise to fight it in courtf. reinstated his opponents promise a recall but either way a decision is unlikely until late tonight and here is why. take a live look. dozens of people waiting to speak their mind tonight to the supervisors about the vote. many of them are supporters of the suspended sheriff who say they are angry about efforts to remove him. the ethics commission agreed the mayor that he committed official misconduct but hundreds of the supporters rallied him on the steps of city hall this afternoon. anti domestic activists insist he can't do his job. his supporters say removing him is not democratic. >> the elected official in me said that -- most of all, most of all this case is about unprecedented, mayoral power, claiming the ability to charge any elected official in this city with official misconduct with or without a conviction and on a case by case b
's arson tip line. >>> in san francisco, another fire is being investigated after it burned out a popular restaurant. in 10 minutes, how the mayor is promising to help. >>> a decision out today valid pg&e paying more more pipeline improvements and customers paying a lot less. an administrative law judge ruled that pg&e should pay for 2/3 of the pipeline safety program. pg&e asked that the taxpayers pay 90% of the costs. the state public utilities commission must approve the decision before it becomes final. >>> new details tonight in the exvacation effort in the central valley where crews are searching for remains connected to the victims of the speed freak killers. the f.b.i. is taking over the search. we spoke with one victim's mother today, and she said when it comes to the sheriff's acts, she is outraged. >> if it was eir child laying out there in that field, i think they would -- their reaction would be a little bit different. >> reporter: sue kaiser wants answers, and she said she is not getting any from the san joaquin county sheriff. her daughter has been missing for more than 20
to figure out what caused the explosion. >>> embattled san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on the job tonight after a fight against ethic charges. ktvu's david stevenson is live where his return could be tricky. >> reporter: mayor ed lee had harsh words today as the sheriff moved to transition back into his job. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi said he was ready to reconcile with the city departments. >> it is a new day. we want to move forward, mend fences. >> reporter: mayor ed lee suspended him. the votes of four supervisors enabled ross mirkarimi to regain the job. >> i believe that they sought out an excuse for an inexcusable act that was confirmed by the criminal courts. >> reporter: mayor ed lee said there are hard feelings between his office and ross mirkarimi. >> this city requires us to work together. i will continue doing that. >> i look forward to working with the mayor, and the district attorney. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi says his experience over the last 9 months will make him a more effective sheriff for everyone. >> i want to reach out and plan to in a direct a
. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and more details now ability getting to the giant's parade. b.a.r.t. will operate like it's rush hour with trains all day but you should still expect long lines and crowded trains. b.a.r.t. officials are urging passengers buy your ticket or load your ticker card before parade day. the lurksburg and salsalito ferry will be running extra boats. >>> richard caranza said every day and every minute of instruction counts so we encourage families to make sure their child is in school and ready to learn. the district says students cannot afford to lose any more class time. >>> if you can't make it to the parade in person, ktvu has you covered. our parade coverage starts at 4:30 tomorrow morning on channel 2. we will also stream the parade live on and mobile ktvu. >>> san francisco city leaders say they will prosecute and seek monetary damages for the people responsible for sunday night's mayhem. >> we want to send a really clear message that we will prosecute every one of those cases presented to us and the evidence is
on the streets. >>> developing news now in san francisco where pg & e crews are trying to restore power to hundreds of homes and businesses. the outage was reported at about 4:45 this afternoon and is now impacting the outer mission and noe valley neighborhood. 1800 customers are without power. there is no known cause of the outage. pg & e is investigating a report of a downed wire. right now no word though on when that power might be restored. >>> the milpitas city council has been preparing for an emotional hearing tonight on a proposal to outsource its police services. new at 6:00, robert handa is live in milpitas with new surprise information on the plan. robert-- >> reporter: well, milpitas city officials say they expect hundreds of people to show up here at milpitas city hall in less than an hour to debate outsources police services but we learned a decision has already been made. many supporters and critics of milpitas police say by and large the 90 plus officers do a good job with an average response time of about four minutes. we saw that last week when officers arrested a carj
into the thousands of dollars, depending on the seat. >> >> david stevenson is live in san francisco with the precautions being put into the place for the major league crowds. >> reporter: julie, the city wants a repeat of the 2010 win, but the police don't want the problems of that. celebrating began after san francisco giants secured their spot in the world series. it was peaceful. but police put on helmets and closed the mission district to control the flow of traffic and people. >> we took it as like a dress rehearsal. >> >> reporter: the police chief said officers are primed to prevent 2010 world series celebrations where people set fires, got on top of cars, drank in the streets and clashed with police. >> fortunately, no one was hurt, but there were anxious moments. >> reporter: police will be watching the mission district. broadway street and north beach, chestnut -- that's where we will be concentrating our reare our resources with a certain amount of officers held back to redeploy to areas i did not know half. >> >> reporter: game six will start on halloween. >> we have a l
will be cooler than these. not so much inland. around the bay, redwood city, san francisco, they will come down a few degrees. it is not going to be 90 degrees. as we go through time, go through this week, the middle of the weekend, the marine layer gets fat, fogchise in, cool -- fog comes in, cools us off. wednesday and thursday. look forward to that cooling and hopefully we get through it without fire issues. no spare the air day tomorrow. but air quality, in some places, will be not what you want. wouldn't be a bad idea to carpool. 99 antioch. 99 bread wood -- brentwood. 96 in morgan hill. 97 gilroy. along the coast, really, really, really nice, temperatures tomorrow nice again. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. temperatures come down towards the end. more like you expect for fall. we are lucky we didn't have wind. >> that would have gone like that. >> thank you. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 racing for an over flow of people. >> from oracle to america's cup and fleet week, how the city plans to handle traffic and transit this week. >> and the idea that
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11